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Improve the curb appeal and appearance of your home or business with help from Lanterra Services, a top-tier mulch and landscape rock installation company in Houston, TX, serving clients throughout Katy, Cypress, Sugar Land and many surrounding areas.

Top-Tier Ground Covering Installation

Lanterra Services provides exceptional professional ground covering installation throughout greater Houston, making any property look its best with our high-quality options. Our expert team can help you get the job done quickly and correctly, whether it be part of a large-scale backyard renovation at your home, or revitalizing curb appeal at your commercial property.

From the initial consultation, to completion of your project, the team at Lanterra Services takes its clients’ visions from concept to reality by providing superior craftsmanship and quick turnaround times. With our dependable crew, you can be confident knowing that you are getting an outstanding service that will exceed all of your expectations. Get started today by calling us at (832) 239-5515, or fill out our quote request form.


Using wood chips as a ground covering within landscaping has exploded in popularity in recent decades thanks to its wide range of colors, product types such as hardwood and rubber, and the nutritional benefits it brings to trees, shrubs and flowers. Not only is it a natural weed barrier, but it also creates a favorable environment for your plants to thrive as it retains soil moisture during the hot summer months and can assist with erosion prevention on minor slopes.

For many mulch installation projects, our crews will arrive at your property, remove the existing mulch if requested, and then begin laying mulch into your landscape beds, around trees and all other desired areas at the proper depth. We offer several different color and style options for mulch installation in Houston and surrounding communities.

To learn more about the assortments of mulch we provide or to schedule your next mulch project,  get an estimate by filling out our online request form today.

Decorative Rock

Decorative landscape rock can provide a unique and attractive visual element to any outdoor space. Not only does it add texture and color to your landscaping, but it also helps control weeds thanks to the poly laid underneath prior to installation. It is a great “one-and-done” application for the homeowner or business property manager that wants to reduce time and resources spent on landscape maintenance. With its long-lasting durability, decorative landscape rock is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor area.

Additionally, you have the option of choosing from different colors, sizes, and shapes so you can find the perfect look for your space. Investing in decorative landscape rock in Houston is a smart choice for anyone looking to make a lasting impression with their outdoor space. With its superior durability and low-maintenance, it provides plenty of value for years to come. So if you’re looking for a way to add texture and color to your outdoor space, consider decorative landscape rock – it’s an easy way to create an eye-catching look that will last. Begin the process of transforming your property today by scheduling a consultation through our online request form.

Landscape Edging

Landscape edging is a great way to define the boundaries of your yard and give it a neat, finished look. It can also help you control the spread of weeds, keep grass from growing into flower beds, and separate different types of mulch or soil. There are many options when it comes to landscape edging materials, including plastic, metal, stone, brick, and wood. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before making your final decision.

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