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Have a troublesome tree that needs to be removed from your residence or business property? Or do you current trees need pruning and trimming to boost curb appeal? Contact the pros at Lanterra Services today for an estimate.

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Trees give us countless benefits, from oxygen to breath, to amazing aesthetics and so much more. But at times they can create potentially dangerous situations at your home or business property. Things such as a lack of maintenance can lead to very overgrown trees that drastically reduce the curb appeal while cluttering your lawn and landscape with dead branches, twigs and other debris. Overgrown trees can also invade into the space surrounding your house or other structures on your property, and for this reason removing trees is unfortunately necessary.

Do you have a problem tree that needs to be removed? Or do you have tree branches that have been left undone for too long and now require climbing to new heights to take care of them? Our professional Houston tree service team is here to take on the task, call us today at (832) 239-5515 or fill out our quote request form to get your tree services done safely and efficiently.

Houston Tree Removal Specialists

There are many reasons why a tree must be removed. In some instances it is for aesthetic reasons, others it’s due to safety, or clearing out an area for an upcoming project. Regardless of the reason, it is best practice to only remove trees when absolutely necessary. If the problems can be solved by trimming or pruning trees, that may be the best option.

Our Houston tree removal professionals are often asked several questions regarding removing trees and stumps. The cost is the most commonly asked question as well as the project timeline to remove a tree. Most tree removal projects can be completed in less than one day, depending on the access to the tree, what is surrounding it – landscaping, homes, buildings, etc., the size of the tree and what the exact scope of work is. For example, removing a 40 foot tall Oak Tree that is in a wide open area of a commercial office park that is readily accessible with tree removal equipment and personnel will take much less time to complete compared to removing an 80 foot tall Willow Tree in a residential neighborhood with lots of houses nearby. Fill out our quote request form today to get started.

Expert Tree Trimming & Pruning

When tree branches are left to grow endlessly over the years, they can start infiltrating your home or outdoor space making it difficult to spend time in the yard. Hiring a reliable and knowledgeable tree service company is crucial for a executing a tree trimming project. Pruning and trimming trees and shrubs is an art that must be done with proper equipment and skills to ensure the long term success of your greenery.

Our Houston tree trimming experts are trained to properly trim and prune your trees to prevent disease and make cuts in the proper locations so your trees maintain their structural integrity and aesthetics are improved. Then once the trimming and pruning is complete, next comes the task of removing the debris and branches from the property. We use the proper logistical equipment such as dump trucks, trailers and chippers to safely remove the debris from your property and cleaning the work area to remove twigs, small branches and other debris that may have accumulated during the job.

To get started with your next Houston tree trimming and pruning project, call us at (832) 239-5515 or complete our online quote request form.

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